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Armani Acqua Di Gioia Edp 30Ml


Armani Acqua Di Gioia Edp 30Ml

For this new creation, Giorgio Armani was inspired by: Nature: "My inspiration comes from elements of nature, vegetation, water and earth, examples of invisible sophistication, symbolizing perfection and harmony"

Joy: Giorgio Armani has created a joyful fragrance, the skin is kissed with joy. ACQUA di GIOIA is an essence of joy, extracted from the heart of nature's elements, composed of three accords: - Vegetation accord (primofiore lemon / crushed mint ), - Water accord (water jasmine) - And an Earth accord (heart of cedar / brown sugar) The bottle is also inspired by nature.

From the front, it is like a polished pebble; in profile, it resembles a water droplet, and from below, it has the shape of a leaf. CITRUS - Woody

TOP NOTES: primofiore lemon, crushed mint

MIDDLE NOTES: water jasmine, marine notes

BASE NOTES: heart of cedar, brown sugar