Hi Smile ID Stain Eraser 63G


Erase stains before they stain.

iD Stain Eraser will identify stains that you didn’t even know exist. Once the stains have been Identified, you can remove them using the specific Stain Eraser paste.

  • Identify the stains you can’t see
  • Erase stains with a simple brush
  • Maintain your results by checking with the Identifier

iD Stain Eraser is a 2-in-1 treatment that works by identifying and erasing stains in just two easy steps. The Stain Identifier highlights in red areas on the tooth surface where stains are beginning to build up. The Stain Eraser, a polishing paste, efficiently removes everyday stains while maintaining enamel health. This two-step treatment will leave teeth whiter, brighter, and healthier.

What is Stain Identifier?

The Stain Identifier is a gel pen that contains a red dye that binds to the biofilm, otherwise known as a layer of bacteria, on your enamel. This biofilm build-up is what causes stains to stick to the tooth surface. The Identifier will highlight in red stains on the tooth’s surface.

What is Stain Eraser?

The Stain Eraser is a unique paste that has been designed as an enamel-safe polisher to remove surface stains without compromising tooth enamel, while promoting whiter teeth. The Stain Eraser has been developed with a mild abrasive for maximum cleaning.