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Hi Smile Toothpaste 60G

$13.99 $9.79

Hi Smile Toothpaste 60G

Flavour shipped straight to your bathroom from an idyllic island paradise; this toothpaste will have your mouth diving teeth-first through the surf before you’re even close to rinsing. It's just like that once-in-a-lifetime vacation you've always dreamt of...only now you get to go twice a day.

  • Flavour with a burst of freshness
  • Fluoride+ formula for a superior clean
  • Long-lasting oral health benefits

Hi by Hismile toothpaste feels and tastes like a treat for your teeth - 2 minutes will never be enough. Multiple protection - our Fluoride+ formula has been developed with ingredients that have been clinically proven to prevent cavities, reduce sensitivity, support healthier gums, and improve the wellness of your mouth.

You’d think something this sweet would be a dental no-go, but with a carefully concocted formula, our toothpaste doesn’t just freshen up your smile. It improves it.