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Puro Bio Blush


Puro Bio Blush

Long-lasting blush, high level of pigmentation, velvety texture. Our blushes give colour to the face for a healthy and natural look.

The various hues enable a natural redness to be obtained with respect to complexion tone.

There is a high level of pigmentation, and we therefore recommend applying it a little at a time with light strokes.

The 100% natural pigments are sublimated by the velvety formulation, rich in precious organic ingredients, highly blendable and modular.

The packaging with the magnetic refill system allows the product to be replaced, thereby choosing a different colour, or reloaded when it is out.

The transparent porthole allows for the colour to be recognised very easily.

We recommend using our angled brushes for application, no. 11 or no. 02 for a milder effect.

  • Long lasting blush
  • High pigmentation
  • Velvety texture

Directions for use

Take the product with the brush 11 or a sponge and distribute on the face, repeat the operation until the desired colour result is obtained.

Main ingredients

Mica, corn starch, argan oil, cocoa extract, apricot powder, silica, shea butter, macadamia oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, karanja oil