Weleda Body Wash


Weleda Body Wash

Pomegranate - Inspire : 
Gentle all-natural creamy wash to inspire your senses

Your inner beauty made visible with a perfect balance of natural cleansing and sensuous fragrance. Step out of your shower with skin that's clean, renewed and soft to touch, with organic pomegranate seed oil.

Sea Buckthorn - Vitality : 
Vitalising shower cream with organic sea buckthorn oil

The energy and strength of the sun, captured in a light, zestful shower cream to gently clean your skin and lift your senses

Citrus - Refresh : 
Refreshing cleansing with a zesty lemon scent

Lemons and oranges, a bright wake-up call to the senses in the morning. Gently cleanses your skin - and makes you feel happy!